Family of Eliodoro Arce, messages to David Kier

Messages sent to me about Eliodoro Arce and his family, from member of his family. Spanish was translated with Google and edited for clarity.

[The first time a family member is named by each person below, the name will be in bold. The family member’s name below is their Facebook-Messenger name. Notes and questions from me will be in italics.]

Torres San Luis: (Punta Prieta Feb. 12-Mar. 15, 2023):
Right now I am in Punta Prieta, Ejido Juárez, here is his house, from here I sometimes go up to the San Luis ranch, which belongs to my family in Sierra la Asamblea.

Mr. Eleodoro Arce, my uncle, lived at the mine of El Desengaño.
Very good photos, beautiful memories, the best coffee in the world, lots of honey.

He [Eliodoro] is the brother of my grandmother Mercedes Arce Villavicencio.
My name is Jimy David Torres Uzarraga, grandson of Mercedes Arce Villavicencio, sister of Don Eleodoro Arce V.
Manuel Ruelas (Manuel Cota) and I are cousins . Manuel Cota is a relative because he was the nephew of my paternal grandmother Mercedes Arce. Manuel Ruelas Cota, my uncle Eliodoro's nephew.
Thank you very much if I will send you some photos of Eliodoro's brothers and sisters and Uncle Eliodoro's parents my great-grandparents Primitivo Arce and Mercedes Villavisencio
Let me corroborate that information with my older uncles. I think he was 87 when he died. More or less, he was born in 1912, but let me confirm.
From youngest to oldest, my aunt Isabel Arce Villavisencio; Teresa Arce V; Mercedes Arce V; my aunt Lupe Arce V, my uncle Marcelino Arce V; aunt Licho Arce V; and my uncle Eleodoro. I'm not sure who was older if my aunt Licho or my uncle Eliodoro.

My grandmother Mercedes was born on July 30, 1931 at the Santana Ranch near the San Borja mission, so some of them were born between Santa Ana and the San Luis Ranch, Salsipuedes Ranch. (Santana or Santa Ana?)

My Nana Mercedes told me that my uncle Eliodoro was the most nomadic, he would leave the San Luis ranch for days and return and supply them with honey and deer meat and he would go back through the mountains.

I forgot to mention one of the sisters that I didn't get to know, since she died I don't have her name, she is buried at the San Luis ranch. (Ana?)
That's how it is in those times the number of children per family sometimes it was very common to have 13 or more children.
I believe that the spirit of my uncle Eliodoro visits us during the visits of the coyote that frequents us at the ranch.
I am very pleased and thankful for it. I am going to see an aunt and I will ask her for some photos of my great-grandparents, the parents of my uncle Eliodoro, and I will send them to her.
What a great treasure without those photos for us, I never saw them, just one of my great-grandparents that my Nana Mercedes had and now my aunt María Antonia keeps.
Wonderful, perhaps Elizabet Meza Arce will know if it is Aunt Ana, then, who is buried at the ranch in San Luis, and her husband.

The story continues to grow!

Ok, why is my grandmother's sister buried there in San Luis, but I don't remember the name my grandmother told me, so it must be Ana.
The San Luis ranch from what my grandmother Mercedes told us from at least 1850 to here since she says that some of the last ancient Yuman Cochimies lived there around the ranch there are some stone mounds where remains rest and there are many vestiges of pedeseria stone where they made tools such as arrowheads and one finds flints on occasion, it must have been a large population that lived there

The sierra is connected by corridors between the mission of San Borja, and to the north with Calamajué.

Now it is very common for many people to call the Sierra de San Luis, Sierra la Asamblea, but the first name is Sierra de San Luis. Later they named it the Sierra de la Asamblea, a little higher up to the north, it is assumed that the old Cochimies who used to meet in that part. They revealed themselves to the evangelization of the Spaniards, which is why they called it 'the assembly'.
My father David Torres Arce told me that my uncle Eliodoro and my uncle Marcelino as well as Aunt Ana are the children of my great-grandparents Primitivo Arce and Mercedes Villavicencio* (*incorrect, she was 'Refugio', Primitivo's first wife)

The only people who could confirm this information would be my aunts Lupe Arce Villavicencio and Teresa Arce Villavicencio who, thank God, are still alive. Lupe in Bahía de los Angeles and my aunt Teresa in Playa Esmeralda with her daughter Emma Meza Arce.

Samuel Maciel Meza is my cousin he is the grandson of my aunt Teresa Arce V

March 30, 2023:

Good afternoon Don David, I don’t know if ‘Manuel Rueda’ refers to the same person (from Emma’s message). The cousin’s name is Manuel Ruelas Cota, son of Manuel Ruelas and María Cota Zúñiga, daughter of Don Pilar Cota and Mrs. Teodora Zuñiga. Manuel Ruelas is Iván’s friend and he sends Emma Meza Arce is the daughter of my uncle Rosendo Meza and my Teresa Arce, sister of my uncle Eliodoro and my grandmother Mercedes Arce Villavicencio.

March 31, 2023:

We went down on horseback from San Luis to the sea to soda water until my grandfather Don David Torres García used to raise cows there. (responding to talk about a bike ride from his ranch valley to the sea, in Arroyo Salsipuedes)

Manuel Ruelas Cota’s grandparents are from Rancho Codornicez, very old too.

I am Jimy David Torres Uzarraga and my wife is América Luna Corrado, which is why our children are called Torres Luna. I am the son of David Torres Arce and María Herminia Uzarraga Herrera and my wife’s last name is Luna Corrado my children are Torres Luna great-grandchildren of Mercedes Arce.

My son Alejandro Torres L. where the house was in Rancho Salsipuedes, also owned by my great-grandparents Don Primitivo.

Juan Luna Ríos was my father-in-law and my mother-in-law is Ernestina Corrado Ruiz.

To go to the ranch starting from here in Punta Prieta; There are 25 km of highway to the north and 27 km of dirt road to Rancho San Luis. Before you will find Rancho El Cardón Grande, 7 km away, owned by Don Patricio Ortiz. Then Rancho San Judas follows, then Rancho El Rincón, and then San Luis.

April 12, 2023: My mother is Herminia Uzarraga Herrera and my father is David Torres Arce, my paternal grandparents are Mr. David Torres García and Mrs. Mercedes Arce Villavicencio, daughter of Mr. Primitivo Arce and Mrs. Mercedes Villavisencio. Don David told him that my aunt Teodora, her last names are Zúñiga Arce, was the cousin of my Nana, Mercedes.

April 13, 2023: Good morning Don David, if you would like to add more names to my uncle Eliodoro’s family, on behalf of my Nana Mercedes and Don David Torres, they are Lucia Beatriz Torres Arce, José Alfredo, my father David, sister Alicia, María Antonia Torres Arce, Juan Manuel, and Yesenia Torres Arce.

My aunt Teodora, her last names are Zúñiga Arce, was the cousin of my Nana, Mercedes, daughter of Don Jesús Zúñiga and Mrs. Salome Arce. Salomé Arce was the sister of my great-grandfather, Primitivo Arce. Teodora was born in San Antonio (Rancho Codornices), Teodoro Estrada Zúñiga tells me.

My aunt Teodora’s sisters are Chacha Margarita, Celia Nelo, José María, and Toña, mother of Teodoro Estrada Zúñiga.

They went down from Rancho San Luis to Tinaja de Yubay. From there they left to sleep in Cerró Colorado. From there another day early to pass through San Ignacito and San Borjas, two or three days.

April 14, 2023: Good morning Don David, these photos are provided to me by Teodoro Estrada Zúñiga, son of my aunt Toña, and nephew of my aunt Teodora.

Apr. 18, 2023:

Q: Was this the first marriage?: Teodora (‘Toña’) Zúñiga Arce & Pilar Cota >> t-1) María Cota Zúñiga

I ask because the other child has a different last name: t-2) Teodoro Estrada Zúñiga. Who is Teodoro’s father?

A: Teodoro Estrada Zúñiga is my aunt Teodora’s nephew, he is my aunt Toña’s son and this is Teodora’s sister.

Pilar Cota López and Teodora Zúñiga Arce are the parents of :María Cota Zúñiga, José Cota Zúñiga, Margarita Cota Zúñiga, Enriqueta Cota Zúñiga, Francisca Cota Zúñiga, and Manuel Cota Zúñiga.

Manuel Ruelas Cota is the grandson of Teodora and Pilar

Antonia (Toña) Zúñiga Arce and Salvador Estrada are parents of Teodoro Estrada Zúñiga, Jose Manuel Estrada Zúñiga, Salvador Estrada Zúñiga, Martin Estrada Zúñiga, and Antonia Estrada Zúñiga

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Elisabet Meza Arce (Mar. 6-15, 2023):
My grandfather’s name was Primitivo Arce Villavicencio. (What was his first wife’s name?): I think she was called Refugio Villa.
Eliodoro(also spelled Hileodoro or Eleodoro), one of five siblings from Primitivo’s first marriage. The four other children were Salvador, Ernesto, Marcelino, and Ana. Eliodoro never married or had a child. He lived happily in the mountains. He didn’t like being around people. One brother visited Eliodoro often and he brought Eliodoro groceries. We only saw Eliodoro when he went down to the ranch where we lived.
Primitivo was my grandfather, and my grandmother was Mercedes Villavicencio Gaxiola.
Apr. 4, 2023:

Hello, today I read a part of the history of the Arce family, if it helps, my uncle Eleodoro’s paternal grandparents were Marcial Arce and Cleofas Villavicencio.

The information I have was from my mother, may she rest in peace, but I can mention some of my grandfather Primitivo’s brothers: Francisco, Jorge, Salome, and Inocente Arce. I don’t remember if there were more of all of them.

I invited you to a group that I made from the Arce family. My grandmother Mercedes Villavicencio Gaxiola also talks about the Villavicencio family.

The day I read about the bee man I also remembered that my mother used to say that when they were girls my uncles Eliidoro and Marcelino would go hunting and get honey for them to eat. It is good that my uncle, despite living as a hermit, was very blessed by everyone who passed by his house and his nephews and relatives who were attentive to him. Don’t put this, it’s just a talk about my uncle that I barely remember.

He was the brother of Tata Primitivo. He was married to Delfina, sister of my grandmother Mercedes.

April 5, 2023:

I have the information of my grandfather Primitivo’s brothers. Information provided by Aunt Celia Zuñiga Arce, daughter of Salome Arce Villavicencio, through her daughter, Oralia. 

Primitivo Arce’s siblings are Manuela, Rosario, Jorge, Salome, Francisco, Magdalena, Inocente and Santa Ana, all are children of Marcelino Arce and Cleofas Villaviencio.  My Uncle Eliodoro’s mother did have the last name Villavicencio but from what I’ve noticed the last name Villavicencio in some families was just Villa or Villacio. My younger sisters say that my uncle hid so much in the desert and today he is on social networks. But the story is very nice It’s a pity that those of us who remain in the family only know that our parents told us.

April 7, 2023

Information about uncle Eleodoro

I know that there were 3 siblings from my grandfather’s first marriage, Heleodoro, Marcelino, and Ana. From the second marriage, there are 5 more sisters Guadalupe, Mercedes, Maria Luisa, Teresa and Isabel Arce Villavicencio They are the brothers and half sisters of my uncle Heleodoro and I missed mentioning Ernesto and Salvador among their brothers.

They were Primitivo Arce Villavicencio and Mercedes Villavicencio Gaxiola father and stepmother of uncle Eleodoro and his siblings. They were parents of his 5 half-sisters who were Guadalupe, Mercedes, Maria Luisa (Licho), Teresa and Isabel. They all grew up together.

My uncle Eleodoro’s mother remarried and had more children, I don’t know their names. I know that many think on the page and create confusion or change the names, As I told you before, my great-grandfather’s last name was Fidel Villavicencio, but within the same descendants some use Villa or Villacio for short. My great-grandfather, Fidel Villavicencio was father of Mercedes Villavicencio Gaxiola, Emma , Delfina, Elena, Lili, Luis, Carlos… more?

I have a cousin named Oralia, she is the daughter of Celia Zuñiga Arce, uncle’s cousin, fortunately she still has a very good memory, one only recounts the memories, anecdotes told by our parents if you like to contact her.

Apr. 16, 2023:

That was provided to me by Isela Gaxiola Barels, who has been the granddaughter of Eliseo Gaxiola, the younger brother of Trinidad Gaxiola, wife of Fidel Villavicencio.
She also sent this to me, a guy informed her:
Sun 6:42 PM
To Betty: I hope everyone is very well and that you have a very happy Teacher's Day with all your family friends locked up with you.

My uncle Niño answered me that of the great aunts, Trinidad was the eldest daughter of Tata Antonio and his first wife - Cleofas and Jovita. Gaxiola (from Trinidad) from Rancho El Paraíso, Camacho Gaxiola (from Estefana and Rosaura) the last two were daughters of Doña Jacoba and Don Antonio (your great-great-grandfather) - I don't think we can build that tree without documentation.

Oh! The other last name finally came out: it was Lucero, which coincidentally was also the last name of my great-grandmother by the MacLish (Rosalia Lucero) - a hug with love, dear cousin ❤️

My cousin did a search on, but I don't know if it was successful

Sun 8:30 PM
Uncle Eleodoro's maternal grandmother was called Fidelia, are they investigating my last name? And the husband was Villavicencio or was the grandfather
Sun 8:59 PM
In Baja California there are many Arces and Villavicencios
Apr. 17, 2023:
My name is Elisabet Meza Arce. 
My parents: Gabriel Meza Lopez ('Biel') and María Luisa Arce Villavicencio ('Licho'). 
My siblings: Guillermo ('Wuily') Meza Arce (deceased);
María Elva Meza Arce;
Jorge Meza Arce (deceased);
Elia Meza Arce;
Martin Humberto Meza Arce (deceased);
Elizabeth (me);
Blanca Elena Meza Arce;
Gabriela Meza Arce;
Mercedes Imelda Meza Arce.
Guillermo (‘Wuily’) Meza Arce, María Luisa Arce Villavicencio (‘Licho’), María Elva Meza Arce, at Rancho Santa Ana (‘Santana’). Photo from Elizabet Meza Arce.

Emma Meza Arce (Guerrero Negro, Mar. 9-10, 2023):
Eliodoro was my uncle. My mother is Teresa Arce from Ejido Nuevo Rosarito.
My brother knows a lot, he is Oscar ('Prieto') Meza Arce. He lives in a ranch called San Regís, very nice, many old things. My brother is known as 'El Prieto'. My sister-in-law is Alicia López Villavicencio. I have a cousin called Fidel Arce. I gave my son Samuel photos so he could send them to you. My mom (Teresa) had them. I am going to my brother Prieto's house and I will talk to him.

March 30, 2023:
Good morning
I found Manuel Rueda and I told him about you
He was a good friend of his uncle, he also biked him a lot, he told me that he has photos and his grandmother does know about the family.

Manuel Ruedas Cota is the same Manuel Cota (Manuel Ruelas Cota)
Emma Meza Arce

Samuel Maciel Meza (La Esmeralda, Mar. 7-11, 2023):
Eleodoro (Heliodoro/ Eliodoro) was my uncle.
Thank you very much for your report indeed he was an exceptional human being.                                 

My uncle Heliodoro's mother was called Refugio (first wife of Primitivo Arce).  
Jorge Arce Villavicencio(of the Harry Crosby photo at San Borja, 1967) was the uncle of Eleodoro and my grandmother (Teresa Arce Villavicencio). Fidel Villavicencio(of the photo in the 1943 Max Miller book, Land Where Time Stands Still) was a relative of my uncle Eleodoro.
Primitivo Arce my great grandfather and my great grandmother is Mercedes(second wife of Primitivo). My grandfather was Rosendo Meza Villavicencio, husband of Teresa Arce Villavicencio, sister of my uncle Eleodoro. They both took care of Eleodoro in his convalescence from his illness, in Rosarito, in my grandfather's house.  My father is Samuel Maciel Ibarrra. We are 3 generations of Samueles. I am Samuel Maciel Meza, and my son is Samuel Andre Maciel Diaz.

Apr. 10, 2023:
My father's name is Samuel Maciel Ibarra and my mother is Emma Inés Meza Arce That's why my last names are Maciel Meza.

Leticia is my cousin on the Maciel side, she is my father’s niece. She was also my aunt because she was married to an uncle named Martin Meza Arce, son of María Luisa Arce, sister of my uncle Eleodoro.

Leticia & Martin had 4 children Humberto Martin Meza Peralta, Eva Meza Peralta, Jorge Meza Peralta, and the minor Isis Meza Peralta.

Leticia Peralta Maciel (Ensenada, Mar. 11-15, 2023):

I am the ‘delightful’ niece who took them (the Niles) to the grave of Eleodoro. I had the pleasure of listening to Uncle Eliodoro’s talks. A man who knew how to live in the desert. (the name is spelled two ways in the same sentence)

Right now I’m in Ensenada As far as I know, his (Eliodoro’s father’s) only name was Primitivo. There is a grandson of Primitivo that he raised (name?). When I see him, I’m going to ask more about Primitivo.

Mar. 23, 2023:

I send you the picture of the master of the desert, I love the photo. I loved going with him with that greeting he said, ‘goodbye’.

Eliodoro is my children’s uncle. My late husband [Humberto Martin Meza Arce]  was his nephew. Emma’s husband [Samuel Maciel Ibarra] is my uncle. I think you already communicate with my son Jorge [Jorge Meza Peralta]. I have 4 children.

Humberto Martín Meza Peralta [Jr.] is my eldest son, followed by Jorge Alberto, Eva Maria, Isis Guadalupe, are my children and Maria [Luisa]’s grandchildren. I’m here to assist your writing. It would be nice if you wrote his book! Good night.

Apr. 10, 2023:

Emma’s husband is called Samuel Maciel Ibarra. My husband’s name was Humberto Martin Meza Arce. My children’s grandmother was called María Luisa Arce Villavicencio.

Jorge Meza Peralta (Ensenada, Mar. 5-11, 2023):
I am Eleodoro's nephew. I have an uncle who knows a lot about him. He lives in Nuevo Rosarito or on his ranch (on the way to San Regis). I love your work. I hope one day to meet you.
We were at San Regis: Carlos Lazcano (history author), Camillo Magoni, and yours truly, a couple of days ago. The owner is also Eleodoro’s nephew (name?). It is a ranch with a lot of history. Very old olive groves, vineyards from the missionary era, etc.
(Regarding 1953 photos of San Regis): This is how my uncle Rosendo 'Chendo' Meza had it, who was Eleodoro's brother-in-law.
One of Eleodoro's sisters still lives in Bahía de Los Ángeles and another in Nuevo Rosarito. My grandmother was his and Mercedes' (de Torres) sister.
My mother (Leticia Peralta Maciel) says that she is the 'delightful' niece who took Mr. & Mrs. Phil Niles to Eleodoro's grave.

I'm in Ensenada. Although I am an ejidatario there in Nuevo Rosarito.

Apr. 10, 2023
Good day. My grandfather was Gabriel Meza López. Known as "Biel". In turn, he was the father of Rosendo Meza Villavicencio who was the husband of Teresa Arce Villavicencio. Yes. Rosendo is from my grandfather's first wife, Emma Villavicencio.

Esmeralda Maciel (Gerogia, USA, Mar. 17, 2023, she writes in English):

Hello, what a pleasure, I am Samuel Maciel‘s sister and Eliodoro Arce’s niece. I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately, I only go to my Baja California once a year. But I have taught my children born here to love my land as much as I do. I am so grateful for your love and dedication to our beautiful Baja California.

Playa Esmeralda is my dad’s, and the name is in my honor (or at least it’s what they have made me believe).
Mar. 31, 2023:
Hello David, as soon as I started reading your notes that you have about my uncle Eliodoro.

I saw all the emails that my uncles, cousins, my mother and brother have sent you. I have some corrections for all of them.

In May, I will be two months on vacation in Playa Esmeralda with my mother Emma Meza and my grandmother Teresa Arce Villavicencio, and I will visit my uncle Prieto (Oscar Meza Arce) in Rancho San Rejis. Being there I will make more precise corrections.

I have some more contributions to do than my grandmother told about my uncle Eliodoro; why he never got married, and I also had to be there the day he died. I was with him in the room of my grandmother Teresa’s house in Ejido Nuevo Rosarito along with my mother Emma and my grandparent’s Teresa and Rosendo. (It was) a very strong and emotional moment which I had to live and that I will always remember.

Apr. 16, 2023: 

Isabel Arce Villavicencio se casó con Francisco Romero Maclish+ they have 11 children

1. María Guadalupe Romero Arce se casó con José Maria Rojas Aguilar they have 4 children’s Zulma Rojas Romero Juan Luis Rojas Romero Adricelda Rojas Romero América Rojas Romero

2. Rufina Lidia Romero Arce se casó con Alejandro Márquez cordero tienen 4 hijos Alejandro Márquez Romero Adriana Márquez Romero René Márquez Romero Eunice Márquez Romero

3. María Isabel Romero Arce tiene 4 hijos Gricelda Rodríguez Romero Francisco rojas Romero Cristian Enrique farias Romero Juana jazmín Ramirez Romero

4. María del Carmen Romero Arce se casó con Octavio Ponce they have 3 children’s Rafael Ponce Romero + Gabriel Ponce Romero Alejandra Ponce Romero

5. Cruz Francisco Romero Arce+ se casó con Guadalupe barrera they have 3 children’s Francisco Romero Barrera Karem Romero Barrera Cruz Romero Barrera

6. Jose Ernesto Romero Arce se casó con Martha Estrada Leon they have 2 children’s José Carlos Romero Estrada Martha Isabel Romero Estrada

7. Manuel Romero Arce+ se casó con Mónica Mayoral Martinez they have 4 children’s Janeth Romero Mayoral Mónica Romero Mayoral Dulce María Romero Mayoral Emanuel Romero Mayoral

8. Martin Gilberto Romero Arce se casó con María Leticia Villavicencio González they have 2 children’s Martin Romero Villavicencio María Guadalupe Romero Villavicencio+

9. Ana Bertha Romero Arce se casó con tomas Martinez Aguilar they have 2 children’s Dariel Martinez Romero Jonas Martinez Romero

10. Gabriela Romero Arce se casó con Fernando Díaz González they have 3 children’s. Francisco Pamela Romario

11. Jorge Anibal Romero Arce+ se casó con ellidia they don’t have children’s



1.Gabriel Antonio Meza Arce (Viviluchi) Se caso con Gertrudis Maclish Hijos: Delia Meza Maclish, Gabriela Meza Maclish, Brenda Meza Maclish, Gabriel Meza Maclish.

2.Jesus Gilberto Meza Arce (Beto) se casó con Maria de Jesus Villavicencio Lopez. Hijos: Jesus Gilberto Meza Villavicencio, Rigoberto Meza Villavicencio, Daniel Meza Villavicencio,  Luz Maria Meza Villavicencio y Fernando Meza Villavicencio.

3.Oscar Enrique Meza Arce (Prieto) se caso con Alicia Villavicencio Lopez. Hijos: Oscar Enrique Meza Villavicencio, Jesus Rosendo Meza Villavicencio, Eduardo Meza Villavicencio, y Luis Donaldo Meza Villaviicencio.

4.Emma Ines Meza Arce se casó con Samuel Maciel Ibarra.   Hijos: Samuel Maciel Meza, Esmeralda Maciel Meza y  Saul Maciel Meza.

5.Luis Eduardo Meza Arce   Hijos: Luis Eduardo Meza Ayala, Alison Meza Cordero, Alejandra Meza Cordero , Luis Meza cordero y Rene Meza

Q: Who is Elizabet Meza Arce’s husband? Do they have children.
Husband is Jose Luis Alvarez they have 3 children’s
Cinthia Álvarez Meza, Lizeth Álvarez Meza, Gabriela Álvarez Meza
Q: Is Luis a middle name or his father’s last name?
Middle name

Apr. 21, 2013:
Maria Luisa Arce Villavicencio (Licho) se caso con Gabriel Meza López. They have 9 children:
1. Guillermo Meza Arce ( Wily) (d) & Elizabeth Melendrez
2. Elba Meza Arce esposo Manuel Valdez Hija Fidelia Valdez Meza: •Danhya Centeno •Pedro Centeno •Yahir Valdez Hija Jackeline Valdez Meza: •Luis Angel Villavicencio •Josè Manuel Sanchez Valdez •Yanelin Sanchez Valdez •Camila Valdez Meza.
3. Elia Meza Arce Esposo Julio Uribe Estrada -Hija Argelia Uribe Meza Casada con Francisco Álvarez Romero •Jaziel Alvarez Uribe •Odeth Alvarez Uribe •Yadier Alvarez Urible -Hijo Julio Jesus Uribe Meza -Hija Maria Luisa Uribe Meza Casada con Sergio Beltran: Luned y Luana Beltrán Uribe. -Hija Fatima Uribe Meza Casada con Omar: Javier, Victoria y Omar. -hija Luz Belen Uribe Meza Casada con Carlos Obed Gonzalez Valentina Regina Irina Lucina
4.- Jorge Meza Arce +
5.- Martin Humberto Meza Arce Casado Leticia Peralta Maciel: Hijos Humberto Martin Meza Peralta. Jorge Meza Peralta Eva Maria Meza Peralta Isis Meza Peralta
6.- Elisabet Meza Arce Casada con Josè Luis Alvarez Caldera. Hijas -Cinthia Elizabeth Alvarez Meza Casada con Ivan Magaña Alvarez hija Ivanna Magaña Alvarez -Lizzeth Alvarez Meza Hijo Yareck Torres Alvarez -Gabriela de Jesus Alvarez Meza Casada con Alexis Antonio Zepeda Duran
7.- Blanca Elena Meza Arce Casada con Angel Refugio Ojeda Amador Hijas -Blanca Amayrani Ojeda Meza -Amarantha Ojeda Meza
8.- Gabriela Meza Arce Casada con Eliseo Gaxiola Gerardo Hijos -Gladys Janeth Gaxiola Meza, Eduardo Eliseo Gaxiola Meza, Laura Margarita Gaxiola Meza & David Carrillo >> Ian Eliseo Cariillo Gaxiola y Julia Marian Carillo Meza. Mireya Elizabeth Gaxiola Meza &  Esteban Flores >> Elias Flores Gaxiola
9. Mercedes Imelda Meza Arce

Alicia Villavicencio Lopez (San Regis, Mar. 24, 2023)

I am the wife of (Prieto), a nephew of the son of Teresa Arce, Eliodoro’s sister. A very nice person Eliodoro.

He is my husband, Eliodoro’s nephew, his name is Oscar Enrique Meza Arce, (better known as ‘Prieto Meza’).


Elia Meza (April 13, 2023)

Good afternoon greetings.
I am Eliodoro’s niece, Licho’s daughter, I am interested in the book.
Yes, (Jimy David Torres) are my cousin and nephew.
Then I pass those of my family.

Yes, many memories, I didn’t live with him much after I was married. we went to take my mother and father and the first thing he said was, ‘coffee, coffee ⛾’. It seems you heard it, my older brother Wuily, rest in peace. He did live with him a lot, my brother really liked looking for flint stones and the mountains 🗻.

My mother had photos of my uncle’s sheep hunting when they lived in Santa Ana and the Sierra de San Luis

But I don’t know where all those memories would stay.

My husband’s name is Julio Javier Uribe Estrada, his mother’s name was Reyna Estrada Lucero, originally from Arizona, raised in San Ignacio, but his father Francisco Estrada worked in mines and moved from one place to another when his mother, Agripina Lucero, had him (Julio).

They were in silver mines, in the interior, and from there they came to Arizona. That’s where he (Julio) was born, they returned to San Ignacio. She got married and divorced and had other couples. My husband Julio was born as a third couple. His father’s name was Pedro Uribe Perfecto, originally from Tecalitlan, Jalisco. He arrived here as a soldier and stayed here in Punta Prieta. He knew Uncle Eliodoro very well.

My family is the daughter: Guadalupe Argelia Uribe Meza, Julio Jesus Uribe Meza, Maria Luisa Uribe Meza, Fatima Reyna Uribe Meza, Luz Belén Uribe Meza. All already married and some divorced and remarried.

Eldest daughter Argelia her husband Francisco Álvarez Romero. His children Francisco Jazziel. Odeth Josagen. Franco Yadier. Alvarez Uribe.Jazziel his wife Ashly Osuna Macklis and their children Alison and Jazziel Álvarez Uribe. First daughter.

Julio Jesús ex-wife Edith Maclish Ramos. Sons Julio Jesus Uribe Macklis. Emmanuel Uribe Macklis. He is now in jail. Edith with another couple Edgardo Grosso from Chapala. A child them.

Maria Luisa Luned and Luana she married to her second marriage Sergio Beltrán Correa. Luned's father is obed Hernández. Today is Tecate Luisa Sergio and girls live in Guerrero Negro

Luned Hernandez Uribe.
Luana Beltran Uribe

Fatima Reyna (ex-Gonzalo*) García Manchada. Child: Javier Garcia Uribe. Fatima Reyna Omar Ruiz Salinas. Children Victoria Ruiz Uribe and Omarcito Ruiz Uribe.[*She is my daughter. She has a son by Gonzalo and her second partner is Omar. She has 2 children, Victoria and Omarcito.]

Luz Belén and Obed González Sánchez. Valentine girls. Regina Irina Lucina González Uribe.

My daughters and sons in law daughter in law and grandsons and great grandsons the sons of Jaziiel

My parents:
Gabriel Meza López and María Luisa Arce Villavicencio.

Paternal grandparents: Gabriel Meza Castillo. and Inés López Álvarez..
Maternal grandparents Primitivo Arce and Mercedes Villavicencio. Primitivo is father of uncle Eliodoro Arce.

My father and mother brothers. Son William. (Wuily).
Elba. Jorge + Elia. Humberto Martin. Isabel. White Elena. Gabriela. Mercedes Meza Arce. That’s my family and relatives. [Yes, the ones that point up where it says brothers. Humberto and Wuili Jorge have already died. We women remain 6. My mother was my father’s 3rd wife, he had many more children, my half siblings. Total we would be 24 brothers and sisters.]

My father and mother's children are William (Wuily),
Elba, George + Elia, Humberto Martin, Elizabeth, Blanca Elena, Gabriela, Mercedes Meza Arce. That's my family and relatives.

Maria Luisa was very interested in her biography she read.
She in Guerrero Negro. He has a place called Luiche: She sells books and organic products. In a museum. Before .Mercado Ballena

Isabel Romero Arce (April 16, 2023)

My mother Isabel Arce Villavicencio; my father Francisco Romero Maclish; his (11) children: Guadalupe, Rufina, Isabel, Carmen, Bertha, Gabriela, Francisco, Ernesto, Manuel, Martin, Jorge.

Gardenia Cota (April 18,2023)

My uncles (sons of Salomé): (Jesus) Chuy Zúñiga, (Carlos) Chale Zúñiga, (Francisco) Macó Zúñiga, & Porfirio Zúñiga. Sons of Salome Arce and Jesus Zúñiga. My mother: Dolores Gaxiola Arce