Luis Borella of Benchmark Maps and David Kier of and Baja California Land of Missions was at this table.

Edie Littlefield Sundby ‘The Mission Walker’ gave a photo-filled presentation on her “walking to live” adventures. Graham Mackintosh did his classic slide show after.

Here is Graham at his table. Always happy to share his Baja adventures with those of us who have admired them for decades.
Ted Donovan of Baja Visitor blog and Facebook pages. Ted hosted the Mexico Expos of many years ago. Ted is with Graham Mackintosh in this photo.
Ted Donovan, David Kier, Graham Mackintosh, and Geoff Hill of Baja Bound Insurance. March 19, 2022.
Edie ‘The Mission Walker’ chats with amigo Dave Capron ‘The Baja Vaquero’
To the left of Edie is Ted Donovan and next to him is Michael Emery of Slow Baja podcasts.