Jide’s Sierra Juarez Canyon Photos

Tajo Canyon (Middle Fork)

Pierre and Denise take a last glimpse before the long hike down.

Trono Blanco

A huge granite wall!

Water trickles from under giant boulders.

Jump In!!!

This 15 foot deep, emerald green pool awaited us at the end of an otherwise hellish 4 hour hike! It was just perfect for cooling off.

The low sun illuminates the higher peaks on the Sierra Juarez. Taken from the South Fork.

The Dome

A climber’s paradise, far from crowds! Photos and captions by ‘jide’, web site by http://VivaBaja.com. Carrizo Canyon photos on next page…

In Search of Carrizo Canyon, Feb. 2004 (captions by Jide)

Absorbed by the beauty, Ron is not aware of the drunk driver about to hit him.

Under the barrel cactus’ supervision, we are heading to El Carrrrrrizo!!

A rare site: Swamps in Sonoran desert.

El Carrizo on the foreground, Laguna Salada on the background.

From left to right: Ron and his dog Pele, “Pedicab” Frankie, and Jide.

Ron chickening out at the sight of the pool, as I’m sneaking behind his back.

A little push later!! The slide to the bottom left is some serious fun!!

Captions by Jide, web site by http://VivaBaja.com

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