On October 28, 2012, Max Kurillo and I examined the mission site of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (‘Guadalupe del Norte’) which only existed from 1834 to 1840. It was the final California mission, established by Dominican Padre Felix Caballero. Read more at: https://www.bajabound.com/bajaadventures/bajatravel/guadalupe_valley_history and https://www.bajabound.com/bajaadventures/bajatravel/the_controversial_padre

The museum staff points to a raised foundation outline by the pepper tree, behind the museum. This is indeed the historical location for the mission, but these foundations are a new addition, from about 14 years earlier. They may be where the mission church was, but they are much smaller than the mission was documented as being.

The museum grounds entrance.
INAH is Mexico’s National Institute for Archeology & History.
A Route of the Missionaries monument.
Several information signs are on the site.
The circa 1998 foundation outline.

Inside the museum:

Max on the mission site. It was the 27th mission in Baja California and the 48th of all the California missions.
Other ruins outside the museum have been called being from an old army base, located here.
Happy Travels and a thank you for your visit to Tecate.

MISSION GUADALUPE: 32°05’31.0″, -116°34’27.3″ Located on a dirt street, 1/4 mile off the entrance paved road going through Guadalupe (Francisco Zarco), 0.8 mi. from Highway 3.

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