GPS receivers are becoming more and more popular and even standard equipment in some vehicles. The GPS receiver uses satellites to tell you exactly where you are and how to get to a published location. They can be used with or without topographic maps.

Maps are drawn to different specifications or ‘datums’. Mexican topo maps are drawn to map datum ‘NAD27 Mexico’. A new GPS receiver comes set to map datum ‘WGS84’ . The datum can easily be changed by going to ‘setup’, then ‘units’, then ‘map datum’ on your GPS receiver.

Originally, these GPS waypoints (longitude and latitude coordinates) were at map datum ‘NAD 27 Mexico’. Figures were updated in 2021 to WGS 84 to match with satellite maps, now popular.

DISCLAIMER: The author does not guarantee this list to be free of errors, use these waypoints purely for entertainment. However, I do attempt to be 100% accurate. Gates may have locks added since these were recorded.

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See the satellite image of every waypoint: Highlight the waypoint, right click, select Search Google for, click on the map, click the Layers box in the lower corner.

Tijuana to El Rosario

El Rosario to L.A. Bay Highway Junction



Tecate East to Sierra Juarez, Guadalupe Canyon & SE to Hwy. 5 or SW to Hwy. 3


Mexicali Border Crossings (West and East)

San Felipe South to Gonzaga and on to Hwy. 1

Valle Chico and Sierra San Pedro Mártir Canyons


To Bahía de los Angeles & Mission San Borja Region

Side trip to Tinaja de Yubay & Rock Palm Hill

Side trip to Bahia Guadalupe and Punta Candelero

L.A. Bay South to Hwy. 1


L.A. Bay Junction to San Ignacio, on Hwy. 1

San Ignacio to Loreto

Loreto to La Paz

La Paz to Cabo San Lucas, Hwy. 1 and 19