The fiesta was heald at CECUT (Tijuana Cutural Center). We viewed the OmniMax film ‘Ocean Oasis’ in this buliding.

Registration desk for Antonio’s guests was busy!

Dennis helps David K hold the banner for today’s event.

Satellite Man (Arman) and Kelly.

David K and Antonio Sr. communicate… Behind is Bajaboy (Zac) and Tracy… to the right are Doug E. and Dennis.

J.R. and Carol read about Baja’s pre-historic past.

The Baja California exhibit features these large models of the stone missions. ‘Cydarouh’ (Cindi) is viewing Mision San Francisco Javier.

After our Baja museum tour, we watched the movie ‘Bajo California: The Limit of Time’

Before the movie, we were treated to this buffet of grapes, cheese, bolillos and tamales and music by Vinieio Camacho!

The Private screening of ‘Bajo California’ in CECUT’s theatre. Mexico Ted has a front row seat and J.R. and Herb are right behind. Hear Ted on Baja Talk Radio!

Antonio ‘BajaCactus’ and David K, After ‘Bajo California’, we saw ‘Ocean Oasis’ in the Omni Max theatre… Then we regrouped outside…

Marian Johns samples one of the many treats offered from the peninsula.

We met many new members of the Baja Nomad boards. Here is ‘whodat54321’ (Ray) and in the background wearing shades is ‘BajaAndy’.

Papaya, Guava, and Mango candy-jam came from Santa Agueda and Santa Rosalia.

These foods came from Maneadero and Tijuana

Lemon candy-jam from Santa Agueda, which is in the hills southwest of Santa Rosalia.

Figs from Vizcaino and dates from San Ignacio… Is this great, or what???!!! The Baja Cactus Motel and Pemex of El Rosario sure know how to show us Baja culture!

Cebada was a drink simular to horchata.

David, Antonio, and Frank


The day’s fun was not over… several prizes were given… tequila, motel stays, satellite posters, a painting, a purse, books, and more…

David K, BajaCactus (Antonio), and Andrew (from Casa de BajaNomad) run the door prize drawings. Thanks to all the great donations to make the day even more fun!

Andrew’s mom (Michelle) wins one of the framed Baja Satellite images donated by Satellite Man.

Not San Pablo Canyon!

This is PalmAzul Restaurant in Tijuana on Blvd. Salinas 11154, near the Grand Hotel twin towers. After the fiesta, many of us came here for a special menu prepared just for us and the food was outstanding!

‘Peninsular Cuisine’ is the specialty of PalmAzul. We enjoyed oysters, clams, ceviche, shrimp, deer and chicken burritos for the appetizer, and steak or fish for the main course, then flan for dessert!

We were treated with V.I.P. service.

Marla (right of David) was taking notes throughout the meal. Look for the story in the Orange County Register.

* Highly recommend is PalmAzul when seeking a special dining experience.

‘Colorado’ (Stan Kellerup) enjoyed the feast. Thanks for sharing many photos Stan and thank you Jack Swords for the many photos you also sent for this web site. A big thank you to Antonio ‘BajaCactus’, your family, and your staff for making this first ‘Baja Cactus Cultural Fiesta’ one we (who were lucky to have attended) will never forget. Your hospitality was supreme.