Well amigos, EGL(Matt) & Baja Barb have come forward to share or expose the actions of ‘The Matomi Gang’! Headquarters provided by El Camote, promoted by David K, and joined by a dozen plus Baja nuts!

El Gato Loco scouts the horizon for witnesses

The caravan prepares to cross through the pass into Valle Chico. That’s Diablo Mountain to the right of EGL. Lead Tacoma is David K, followed by Mexray’s BRAT, Westy’s VW, BajaBoy (Zac’s) Tacoma, Jeans’ Tacoma, and the Ford mobile command unit of EGL & Barb!

Diablo Mountain from the Valle Chico road

Now is the time to pray, Baja style!

Jeans and Amo Pescar trail blazing!


Westy & Baja Beach Barbie prove 4WD is for sissies!

Blue palms of Matomi

Baja Barb at Matomi Oasis

“Come on in, the water’s fine!” David K can not resist a desert oasis! Only David and his son, Chris, braved the chilly water!

David K & daughter Sarah

Exiting through ‘the narrows’ in Matomi canyon.

David K in the Matomi narrows. Note Mike Humfreville’s head behind the cab! He is seated in a bungeed camp chair holding on for dear life!