A little background: Desert Rat was inspired to walk the coast of Baja after reading Graham Mackintosh’s book (Into a Desert Place)…

Desert Rat’s camp, just south of San Felipe.

Taking a stroll around Puertecitos.

View of the Islas Encantadas, south of Puertecitos.

Along the way to El Huerfanito.

Lunch break at Campo “5 Islas”.

White sand at Punta Bufeo.

Happy to make it to Gonzaga Bay, Papa Fernandez’ place.

Photo of Desert Rat with Papa Fernandez, Gonzaga Bay, Baja Calif.

Papa Fernandez and Desert Rat, 1994. Photo from D.R. and scanned by Wild Bill. Webpage by David K.

Thanks to Wild Bill’s computer skills which gives us a close up of Papa and Rat.

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Next… Wild Bill’s photos at Baja’s observatory.

Wild Bill and his daughter, Mary. They are at the astronomers living quarters, Observatorio San Pedro Mártir. May, 2001

Inside the living quarters at 9,000 feet elevation, is Mary.

The view from the observatory is breathtaking! On a clear day you can see Sonora and Arizona!

Here’s ‘Baja Dave’ and buddies, exploring Baja’s high country.

Baja Dave and friends in Baja, 2001 Thanks for visiting this web page. Photos scanned by Wild Bill, thank you!\ My Baja Site: http://vivabaja.com/