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Now, I have been going through them looking for old photos of missions and made a note of any Baja article and what issue it is in. There may be more that I missed (let me know so I can update this list).

The issue, and the page an article starts:
1937: 0 (2 issues [Nov, Dec], first year of magazine)

1938: 0

JUN., 1939 p44: Brief mention of trip to find blue palms, within 20 miles of border.

1940: 0

NOV., 1941 p32 Paved road project to San Felipe announced:

JAN., 1942 p5: Old Iron Boat on the Colorado
JUN., 1942 p44: Mexican troops to Baja California, new highway proposed.

1943: 0

1944: 0

1945: 0

JAN., 1946 p4: Guadalupe Canyon*
AUG., 1946 p12: Cantu Palms*

FEB., 1947 p19: Palomar Canyon Palms (actually Santa Isabel Canyon)*
JUN., 1947 p21: Palms of Cloudburst Canyon*
DEC., 1947 p13: El Volcán (Onyx spring/cold geyser)

MAY, 1948 p5: San Felipe
JUN., 1948 p5: Tajo Canyon, blue palms*
NOV., 1948 p23: Freak Tree of the Peninsula (cirios)

FEB., 1949 p25: Cave Art

JUN., 1950 p20: Bisnaga Quenched Our Thirst
JUL., 1950 p4: La Mora Canyon*; p8 New Hwy. to San Felipe progress

MAR., 1951 p4: Picacho del Diablo
JUL., 1951 p8: Pai-Pais in Arroyo Agua Caliente*
AUG., 1951 p8: Mescal Roast

JUL., 1952 p5: Tribesmen of Santa Catarina
NOV., 1952 p11: Lost Silver Ledge of Santa Catarina

JAN., 1953 p11: Climbing Diablo from the desert in 1937
APR., 1953 P10: Arroyo Grande, past Pole Line Road

FEB., 1955 p9: Palomar Canyon*
AUG., 1955 p4: Diablo Canyon (“Three Days in Devil’s Canyon”)
OCT., 1955 p19: Cirio Trees (Boojums)

(* These 8 articles by Randall Henderson from 1946-1955 are reproduced together in the 1971 La Siesta Press book ‘Palm Canyons of Baja California’.)

NOV., 1956 p28: Elephant Trees
DEC., 1956 p12: Cardón Cactus

JUN., 1957 p13: Vacation in Baja
SEP., 1957 p13: Banded Rhyolite in Baja’s Pinto Basin

APR., 1958 p5: Dirt Road Holiday (Tijuana to La Paz)                                                                                                                                                                                JUN., 1958 p24: Dry Lake Filled with Water (Laguna Salada)

JAN., 1959 p9: Trail to a Baja Salt Spring (near Gonzaga Bay)
FEB., 1959 p10 & 19: Lt. Hardy (He sailed into the unknown Rio Colorado)
APR., 1959 p5: The Palm; p8: Sand Driving
AUG., 1959 p14: To Baja Ca. with a Naturalist (Gonzaga Bay)
OCT., 1959 p6: Bay of Angels (Part 1)
NOV., 1959 p12: Bay of Angels (Part 2)
DEC., 1959 p11: Bay of Angels (Part 3), Whispering Canyon, Angel Island

JAN., 1960 p38: Isla Encantada (+Gonzaga/Pta. Final)
JUN., 1960 p22: Of Men and the Road (trip to Cabo)
SEP., 1960 p32: A Guide to the Missions
DEC., 1960 p2 & 43: Maps (Kino’s and modern)

JAN., 1961 p22: Vermilion Sea Field Station (L.A. Bay)
FEB., 1961 p26: Baja California Whales Part 1 of 3 (Erle Stanley Gardner)
APR., 1961 p10: Part 2 Baja Ca. Whales
MAY, 1961 p18: Part 3 (Exploring the Virgin Beach)

AUG., 1962 p26: A Note on Santa Isabel

JAN., 1963 p10: Baja’s Pacific Dumping Yard (Isla Arena)
JUL., 1963: Jack and Choral Pepper buy Desert Magazine
OCT., 1963 p24: Nellie’s Lost Gold (Mulegé)

FEB., 1964 p14: Ruthless Road to Baja (Missions and Camino Real)
MAY, 1964 p13: Bewitched by Baja (Peppers travel with Erle Stanley Gardner series); p24: Beachcombing on the Bay (San Felipe-Puertecitos)
JUN., 1964 p14: Baja’s Pacific Beaches; p26: Bewitched by Baja (series 2)
JUL., 1964 p32: Bewitched by Baja (series 3)
AUG., 1964 p22: Bewitched by Baja (series 4)
SEP., 1964 p25: Bewitched by Baja (series 5)
OCT., 1964 p16: Cruise on a Shrimp Boat; p22: The Romance of the Blue Shell (Padre Kino)
DEC., 1964 p7: Whale of a Trip to Baja

JAN., 1965 p24: Baja’s Buried Bones
FEB., 1965 Cover: La Paz Malecon; p19: Maligned Baja (emergency landing, Mission S.L.Gonzaga +)
APR., 1965 p18: Pai Pai Land; p39: New Ferry; p43: Desert Dispensary (Cardón)
JUN., 1965 p16: Just Below the Border
JUL., 1965 p16: Cave Paintings of Baja
NOV., 1965 p16: Ghost Pueblo of Baja (El Alamo)
DEC., 1965 p36: Desert Dispensary (Zalate/Wild Fig)

FEB. ’66 p20 Lost Mission of Santa Isabel
APR. ’66 p32 Road to Old Socorro (San Pedro Mártir)
JUN. ’66 p20 Magic of Baja (ESG trip) Part 1
JUL. ’66 p20 Magic of Baja (ESG trip) Part 2
AUG. ’66 p25 Magic of Baja (ESG trip) Part 3
OCT. ’66 p18 Magic of Baja (ESG trip) Part 4
NOV. ’66 p12 Magic of Baja (ESG trip) Part 5, Dolores del Norte
DEC. ’66 p17 Magic of Baja (ESG trip) Part 6, Guadalupe del Sur

JAN., ’67 p26: Santa Isabel story; p29: Sierra Juarez Canyons
JUN. ’67 p5 Mission Santa Maria, p18 Blimp Ride

FEB. ’68 p34 Nuevo Mazatlan & Puertecitos Hot Springs
SEP. ’68 p32 San Felipe rebuilt after chubasco destruction
OCT. ’68 p30 Plants and Indians by Lee de Massey

JAN. ’69 p34 Racing the Mexican 1000
MAR. ’69 p11 South Baja, using ferry
APR. ’69 p5 Enchanted Islands (Puertecitos to Punta Final)
JUL. ’69 p12 El Golfo de Santa Clara clam digging by Erle S Gardner
AUG. ’69 p8 Along the Border using Hwy. 2
DEC. ’69 p13 Border wait incident at San Ysidro northbound.

MAR. ’70 p26 Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs

JAN. ’71 p34 Valle Redondo (near Tecate)
JUN. ’71 p34 La Paz region by sedan
DEC. ’71 p34 San Pedro Mártir

JUN. ’73 p36 ‘Best of Baja’ (San Felipe to Santa Rosalia)

APR. ’74 p20 Baja For Charter (SS Santa Monica)
JUL. ’74 p18 Trip Down New Mexico 1 (in Feb ’74)
OCT. ’74 p6 ‘We Walked a Mission Trail’ Pt. 1
NOV. ’74 p28 ‘We Walked a Mission Trail’ Pt. 2

MAR., ’75 p22 Erle’s Beach (E.S. Gardner in 1959 retraced)
APR., ’75 p32 The Treasure of San Pedro Mártir
JUL., ’75 p20: Baja California, The magic remains despite the new highway.
DEC., ’75 p28 Pacific Islands of Baja Norte

JAN., ’76 p32 Kayaking in the Desert (Kino Bay north on Mainland side of Cortez)
FEB., ’76 p42 Boleo Mine (Santa Rosalia) for mineral collecting.
MAR., ’76 p42 More on Santa Rosalia for mineral collecting.
APR., ’76 p42 Santa Rosalia and WWI German ship crew events.
MAY, ’76 p28 Mike’s Sky Ranch
JUN., ’76 p14 Valle de las Palmas (south of Tecate)
AUG., ’76 Cover
SEP., ’76 p32 Rock Garden (Cirios and other Baja plants)
DEC., ’76 p12 Boom Camps of Baja’s Southern Cape (El Triunfo)

JAN., ’77 p24 Palm Oases of California Deserts (small part of Baja)

Oct., ’78 p12 Baja by Canoe (Leetch and Patchen)

JAN., ’79 p32 Cabo San Lucas
FEB., ’79 p20 Wheels for Baja Part 1
MAR., ’79 p20 Wheels for Baja Part 2
JUN., ’79 p32 The Boojum of Baja
NOV., ’79 p10 Jack Smith’s House (God and Mr. Gomez)
(new publisher, no issues published with the date Dec. or Jan., the next Desert issue was renamed February 1980)

APR., ’80 p5: San Felipe; p10: Cave Paintings; p14: The Clam Man
AUG., ’80 p7 Missions of Central Baja
OCT., ’80 p12 A Tale of Two Missions (Lost Santa Clara Mission)
NOV., ’80 p12 Ships of the Desert

FEB., ’81 p50 The Top of Baja (San Pedro Mártir)
MAR., ’81 p30 Undersea Geysers in Gulf of California (news)
(no April issue)
MAY, ’81 p19 Sanguinez, Baja’s Prison of Hope (Mulegé Prison); p42 The Life and Times of Padre Kino
JUN., ’81 p42 A Dream with a Purpose (Don Johnson, Hotel Serenidad, Mulegé)
JUL., ’81 p38 The Day 20,000 cans of Tecate Washed Ashore (Punta Baja)
AUG., ’81 p52 The Lost Grave of a Neglected Hero (Melchior Diaz)

1982: 0

1983: 0

APR-MAY, ’84 p21 Baja’s Enchanted Islands (& Punta Final)

1985: 0

No Desert Magazine 1986-1991

1992: 0 (now American Desert Magazine)

JAN-FEB 1993: p6 San Borja; p12 Cirio, Copalquin, y Cardón; p32 Collectible Minerals in Baja; p39 San Javier are at this archive: The 1993 American Desert magazine with these Baja articles.

I will be coming back and adding to this as I find more Baja articles in the old Desert Magazines, as well as any you know of I missed!


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