These first 16 photos are from Bedman’s camera…

Mike Humfreville

Edie H. and Linda

Front: Baja book author Bernie Swaim and Jim Callahan Back: David K and Fishuntr (Jim) .

Gene (Fishuntr’s brother-in-law) catching ‘Baja Fever’ on his first trip into the magic peninsula!

John Perko and Harlan


Backs to camera: Desert Rat and son Br’er Rabbit. Faces to camera: Joan and Dennis

Travelpearl’s son, Brendon.

Juanita and Dave of Rancho Cielito Lindo


All the way from Laredo, Texas… ‘Desert Rat’.


Beth (Whiskey Girl)

Bo, Whiskey Girl and 4Baja

This next 11 photos from David K and jeans…

Before the party started we went to the beach and noticed the Baja bus service!

The Old English Cemetery and the newer additions at 30°27.59′, -115°56.20′ (WGS84).

M’s ‘BHL’ (Burning Hunk of Love, Dave) manning the bar-b-que… the food was outstanding!

Travelpearl’s son Brendon and Brandi’s son Michael, cooling off in the fountain.

MaryAnn Humfreville, Br’er Rabbit (Kevin), Desert Rat, and Mike Humfreville. Kevin drove from Alabama, picking up dad (D’Rat) in Texas!

David K and Bernie Swaim, two Baja nuts who enjoy writing about their experiences!

Linda presents Juanita with a new addition for the Wet Buzzard Bar at Gypsy’s RV Park.

Juanita with the buzzards (from Linda) that will join Paulina’s buzzards at the Wet Buzzard! Soon after we finished the great feast prepared by M (Michelle) and BHL (Dave), we hear a new voice asking, “How do I get to the Escalera Nautica?” !!! ….


Meeting amigos from the board for the first time, here is Chopy with Michelle, creator of the BBBB.

‘Jeans’ with Chopy, who has been a great help in the Santiago Zoo project, to get better enclosures for the larger animals.

Chopy and David K. This was a fun get-together (as always) and I am glad I could be there, with my fellow amigos de Baja.