bajacactus At the seaside home of ‘JR Baja’ and Carol was a great bar-b-que picnic provided by Antonio and his family. Antonio operates the Pemex station in El Rosario as well as the Baja Cactus Motel. Antonio (‘BajaCactus’ on the Internet) was kind enough to invite some people he had been communicting with in order to meet them.

Antonio Sr. and his son, Antonio, who is ‘Baja Cactus’.

Doug (Baja Nomad), Bernie, and Antonio Sr.

Antonio’s brother-in-law, Hector, was amazing as a chef for the feast.

Antonio Sr. was a math teacher who spent time in various Baja schools including La Bocana (near Abreojos). A history professor friend Miguel, is next to him. Antonio Jr. listens in, as does Bernie.

Doug and Jesse… Meeting the people we have been reading is really a special treat. Jesse is from Tijuana, but his family comes from Santo Domingo (south of La Purisima) in Southern Baja California. Doug’s forums are at

The flavors created by Hector’s skills were fantastic!

Go Hector Go !

Can you believe this? You should have tasted it!

David K getting into Baja…

Or, is it: Baja getting into David K???

These giant pickled mussels were really a treat!


A very interesting and intellegent Baja Californio.

David, Bernie, and Antonio talking about Baja…

JR really knows how to work his camera. Notice the use of bamboo at his home.

JR joins us at the ‘yummie table’.

Jesse shakes hands with Bernie as Doug looks on. Bernie has authored two Baja books.

It was a beautiful day at JR’s La Barca home (south side of Rosarito) .

What a great day in Baja! Bigger events are in the works, so stay tuned to Baja Nomad Forums, and join us next time! Thank you Antonio, JR, and Doug! (web page by