The road from Highway 5 (Km. 26) to Shell Island.
Where the road (once an elevated causeway from 1984) meets the beach is this bridge. The roadbed has eroded lower that the bridge from all the tidal action here.
Now Baja-proven, this Tacoma feels right at home!
Ken and Leidys Cook arrive
When Art (‘edm1’) was late arriving, Ken and I drove my Tacoma down the beach towards the road… and found him!
The high tide was lapping at his 4WD van’s wheels.
The tires had too much air in them, still… Ken is removing the sand blocking the tires from rolling easily and more air is removed.

My Tacoma floats on the ‘bottomless-sand’ of Shell Island.

Once Art was free from being stuck, he drove to the north tip of the island and turned back to our camping spot.


Art was so happy… “I have floatation,” he called out to me! Two months earlier, Art came with our group to Mission Santa María and greatly impressed us all.
Our son Josh fabricated a light bar for my 2005 Tacoma and remounted it on my 2010 Tacoma.
Our three camps on Shell Island.
Gulls and Terns also like Shell Island.
The terns nest right on the beach. The tiny eggs are almost invisible among the shells.
Shell searching is fun. Elizabeth is telling Ken about her encounters.
Silver Tacoma Off Road and silver Wrangler Rubicon at the south end of Shell Island.
Ken adds one of my small ‘got baja?’ stickers to his ‘BAJA JeeP’N’ Wrangler.
One of the terns makes sure we stay away from the eggs!
Happy times in Baja!
Ken and Leidys come over to our little campfire.
My ‘Baja Angel’ is a happy camper!
I always hate leaving here!
The homes of Bahía Santa María are in the distance, but since this is an island with lagoon entrances on both ends, the traffic is nearly non-existent.

We came back north through Ensenada and stopped at the Halfway House to enjoy dinner prepared by Chef Johnny.

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