Rob and Connie invited Elizabeth and I to spend the New Years weekend at their beautiful home, about 25 miles south from San Felipe.

A shrimp boat was working offshore.
Rob and Connie have a beautiful home on the beach.

Elizabeth is quite at home. So nice to be indoors when it is too cold or windy for camping! Thank you ‘BajaRob’ and Connie for your hospitality!
The beach and shrimp boat in front of their home.
Looking south.
Looking north.

My new Toyota Tacoma on the sand for the first time:

The first time in deep sand for my new Tacoma. It was amazing, and did not require deflating the tires!

Kite Boarding on Bahía Santa María:

To the Sulfur Mine (5 miles west of Bahía Santa María)

My new Tacoma at the sulfur mine.


The mine was worked in the 1950s and then abandoned.

5 Photos: Panorama of Sulfur Mine valley (north to south):

Bahía Santa María, as seen from the sulfur mine.

Elizabeth and David New Years 2010, at the sulfur mine.

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