Tinaja de Yubay 7-2-01

Possibly the lowest level this water hole has been in some time. GPS: N29°10.69' W113°59.26' (WGS 84) elev. 2,059'. A fig tree grows from the cliff just to my right.

At Yubay, we take a rest as El Camote videos us. But wait....where's Travelpearl???

Another victim of the trail to Yubay!

Travelpearl's cell phone is useless in this remote desert. Perhaps the well placed Viva Baja sticker will bring assistance! Very funny Debra!

Happy to get out of Yubay alive, David K kisses a boojum!

The cone shaped hill, as viewed on the return (southboud) trip from Yubay. The desert garden here is incredible!


  • JCN. hwy.1 & L.A. Bay hwy. N29°02.76' W114°09.17' 0.0 mi.
  • TURN NORTH onto dirt road N29°04.31' W114°02.41' 7.0 mi.
  • FORK right (left is Desengano, 0.3 mi.) N29°06.84' W114°01.65' 10.0 mi.
  • JCN. go right (ahead to rock palm hill, 4.2 mi.) N29°09.17' W114°01.40' 12.8 mi.
  • RIDGE TOP, 4WD only beyond N29°10.19' W113°59.77' 14.8 mi.
  • END OF ROAD in arroyo/TRAIL is straight across N29°10.29' W113°59.65' 14.9 mi.
  • TINAJA DE YUBAY N29°10.69' W113°59.26' 15.5 mi.
  • note: milages are direct, not road miles.

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