Jack Swords' Photos of Baja's Past

Jack Swords has captured many of Baja California's historic sites on film. His wonderful mission photos are found at http://vivabaja.com/bajamissions
Please enjoy the following photos of other historic sites...

El Progreso Mines

Silver and gold was processed at this smelter near San Antonio (south of La Paz). GPS (NAD27) is 23°47.23'/ 110°03.29' Photo copyright (c) Jack Swords

Railroad Bridges

Between San Antonio and El Triunfo ran a railroad. GPS is 23°48.71'/ 110°05.49' Photo c Jack Swords

The railroad was begun in 1863 using mule drawn carts. A steam locomotive was in operation by the 1890's running over 10 miles of track. 1918 was the last year of regular operation. Photo c Jack Swords

Mystery Wall of Juncalito

The well built, mortarless wall is 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide and quite long. It resembles other walls found at mission sites in Baja. Photo c Jack Swords

Jimmy Smith in 2003

One of Jimmy's favorite sites was Real de Santa Ana, Baja's oldest ore mill ruins. Photo c Jack Swords

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