I took this photo later, on our way out to show the sign pointing out the road to El Volcan
which continues to the La Olvidada barite mine.

Just beyond the right fork at 2.0 miles from El Marmol, the road begins a steep decline.
4WD suggested for the return trip.

Elephant Trees

Along the road to El Volcan...

White Slope

If you cross Arroyo el Volcan on the La Olvidada road,
this bubbling spring covered hillside is 0.4 mile beyond the arroyo,
on the right side of the road

My first two trips here (1974, 2000) I presumed this was
El Volcan. Jack Swords informed me that the true El Volcan
was a short hike up the arroyo, just 3/4 mile from here.

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