'Baja Legend' and 'Baja Fever' author Greg Niemann chats with visitors at the event.

'Cindarouh' (Cindi) at the Pyramid Resort's big fountain.

Mary Ann and Mike Humfreville visit with 'elgatoloco' (Matt).

Graham Mackintosh who has walked the 3,000 mile coast of Baja ('Into a Desert Place'), then walked 1,000 miles down the middle of Baja ('Journey With a Baja Burro'), and most recently spent the summer in the high sierra of Baja ('Nearer My DOG to Thee'), was his cheery self! http://www.grahammackintosh.com/

'TheSquareCircle' (Roy) came down to see what was going on! Roy and I recently had a great breakfast in Tecate before our off roading trip that day. The Tecate restaurant is 'Casa Vieja' on Blvd. Oscar Bayan west of the brewery.

'Satellite Man' (Arman) and Kelly attended the Pyramid Resort's event. http://www.satprints.com/

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