Meet Jimmy Smith!

Given the nick name 'Grinning Gargoyle' by Choral Pepper in the 1960's on her visit to San Ignacio with Erle Stanley Gardner's party. Jimmy kept it!

Jimmy and Mindy heading down the arroyo to Real de Santa Ana. The oldest mining ruins in Baja. The site is unmarked and hidden by vegetation.

Real de Santa Ana

Here is an 'horno' or oven where silver ore was turned into silver bars. Behind is one of the water wheel mill stone structures, a second is 500 yards away. In Harry Crosby's 'Antigua California' see a photo of this horno.

At the mill structure from the 1740's, with Jimmy Smith.

Mindy goes into the mill and hugs a tree growing inside. This 'tree hugger' was a great to be with, exploring Baja!

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