Some notes collected on the drive out to Asuncion and on south along the Vizcaino coast...

0.0 (0 hrs.) Vizcaino on Hwy. 1. Go west on Bahia Tortugas highway

11.4 Rancho San Francisquito road

46.6 (45 min.) Bahia Asuncion JCN. (turn south/ left). Graded dirt road west/ straight to Tortugas.

Road left is newly paved towards Asuncion, traffic is detoured onto parallel dirt road.

54.0 End of new black top, work continues.

73.3 (1 hr. 45 min.) after passing through the town of Asuncion, we arrive at the Blowhole Bed & Breakfast (Juan & Shari's home).

The road to San Roque leaves Bahia Asuncion on Curvina Street (next to the police station) and is an easy 7.8 mile drive.

TO SAN IGNACIO, via Punta Abreojos

0.0 (0 hrs.) Bahia Asuncion at the San Roque road (Curvina Street/ Police station)

4.2 JCN. Main road back to Hwy. 1 at Vizcaino to left, we continue straight ahead parallel to the coast.

21.2 Punta Prieta fishing village

26.5 San Hipolito fishing village

51.9 (2 hrs.) La Bocana, town with paved main street.

62.5 (2 hrs.15 min.) Punta Abreojos, large town with paved main street (we drive around a bit looking around before heading out)

71.9 Campo Rene road (Rene is 2.8 miles east)

76.0 New Pavement!

115.9 (3 hrs.15 min. driving time) Hwy. 1. JCN. San Ignacio is 15.2 miles east.

Bahia Asuncion

Shari and Elizabeth at Shari and Juan's home and Bed & Breakfast... 'The Blowhole' or

The blowhole below Shari and Juan's place, where sea water is sprayed up with each wave.

Small World! (Wednesday)

Wednesday, Shari takes us for a tour to San Roque. As we drive out of Asuncion we pass our friends Dern and Paulina ('P' on Baja Nomad) visiting from Bahia de los Angeles!

The beach at San Roque, where Shari and Juan offer a cabin for guests.

San Roque is a nearly abandoned fishing village just a few miles from Bahia Asuncion.

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