Baja-Rosario Cultural Festival and over to 'Shell Island' Summer Vacation July, 2005

Baja Nomads take a desert tour from El Rosario

The squarecircle, Surfer Jim, Bob H, Hook, Frigatebird,
Santiago, Baja Nomad, Nicolita, Neal Johns, follow David K
and Baja Angel on a drive into the Baja desert.

El Cardonal : 30°08.08', 115°33.63' (NAD27)

At the site of an abandoned ranch next to a large cardon forest, we mix it up.

The Baja ladies are chatting (Audrey H and Baja Angel).

The cardonal a few miles east of the El Rosario bridge,
near where Arroyo San Juan de Dios joins the El Rosario river valley.

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