Loading Yuccas

Yucca trees are being chopped out of the desert for the cosmetic/ personal care industry.

Ditched runway 'El Arenoso'

Many of Baja's dirt airstrips have been ditched by the military to prevent drug runners from using them. This airstrip is behind the Hwy. 1 cafe near Km. 103, along the road north to the Sauzalito mines, San Juan de Dios and Los Martires.

South of Rancho El Arenoso (abnd.) searching for Santa Ursula

My 17 year old son Chris, on a fallen boojum tree...

Santa Ursula was a water hole on the padre's El Camino Real. Howard Gulick visited the site by Jeep in 1953 and found an old adobe house, old dam, irrigation ditch and a shallow well.

The cardon and cirio (boojum tree) are the tallest of Baja's cacti. This is the road leading south from El Arenoso (Km. 106).

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