Friday night, April 29, 2005 Elizabeth and I went camping to Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs.
The canyon is reached 34 unpaved miles south from Mexico Highway 2, between Tecate and Mexicali.
Two routes are available, one for wet weather is signed Cañon de Guadalupe, and is a graded road.
The normal route is signed Laguna Salada, 2 1/2 miles east from the other,
and utilizes over 25 miles of dry lake bed for road.

Nearing the canyon...

Lots of tiny caves in this hill, as you approach the canyon.

The road is rocky and slow going the final 2 miles to the camping area.

We actually drove in during the night, the first three photos were taken when we drove out Sunday. The next morning we took several photos of our private camp site... called 'La Jolla B' at Arturo's Campo #1

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