Inky and Sarah ride in back, after playing in the water!
We continue east and find the tracks end at this oasis.
A short distance back were some tracks going north at 29°43.16'/ 114°31.87',
and that was the the road (1.3 mi. from the mission)!

The Santa Maria river heads to a waterfall in the canyon leading to Gonzaga Bay.
The constructed road goes up the north side of the valley.

We are able to drive only a quarter mile from the arroyo, then hike to the top of the bulldozed grade.
This is where the Indian trail continues east, and drops down the canyon.
Petroglyphs decorate several rocks here. 29°43.03'/ 114°31.56' elev. 1,615'.

Petroglyphs on the Indian trail

The deep Santa Maria canyon is in the background.

Looking back west towards the mission.
An aerial photo of this spot is at

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