Lost Mission Hunt IV

On Friday (4-18), using an old photo of the ruins I hope to 're-find',
we drive south on the old road . This is Jesus Flores' former ranch,
Los Paredones at 28°36.70'/ 113°24.82'. Nobody's home!

Rancho La Bocana Gym

Located just inside San Pedro canyon at 28°28.39'/ 113°23.62'.
This creative Baja bench press was behind the empty La Bocana ranch house
(misnamed 'San Pedro', in the Almanac).

Heading east in the La Bocana Valley, famous for giant cardon cactus.

Old and New Roads Meet

This is looking north, the old and new L.A. Bay to San Francisquito
road junction at 28°26.05'/ 113°10.41', south of Bahia San Rafael.

Bahia San Rafael

The view from Pancho's home.
Cold Pacifico beer and a friendly greeting awaits you here!

Rattlesnake #3

It must have been the heavy rains this year? In all my life of Baja travel,
I have seen just two rattlers. In this one week, I saw three!
This big fellow was on the road south of Las Flores.
He (as well as the last one) wasn't harmed. Sarah watches too much Steve Irwin, perhaps?

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