North of Desengaño.

We planned on hiking to the famous water hole of Yubay. But, at the only fork in this road we went north rather than east. We were not disappointed with our mistake, for we discovered an exotic site ahead!

Blue Hesper Palms (Brahea armata) aka 'Rock Palm'

This boulder hill was covered with these 'rock palms'. Desert palm trees usually are found in arroyo bottoms containing water. The mountain side, to the north of this hill was also growing these blue palms, out of the rock! Thanks to 'Steve in Oro Valley' for the identity of this rare plant.

Another photo of the exotic palms, 7 miles north of Desengano.

GPS Waypoints: L.A. Bay Hwy. North to Rock Palm Hill

  • Jcn.Mex.1 & L.A.Bay Hwy. (abnd. Parardor) N 29°02.763' W114°09.169'
  • Road north for Desengano,Yubay, Rock Palm Hill N 29°04.314' W114°02.414'
  • Fork: Rt. to Yubay, Palms; Lt. to Desengano N 29°06.836' W114°01.650'
  • Desengano Mine Ruins, open shafts! N 29°06.984' W114°01.871'
  • Fork: Rt to Yubay; Straight for Rock Palm Hill N 29°09.174' W114°01.396'
  • Rock Palm Hill area campsite N 29°12.727' W114°00.580'
  • Above waypoints using map datum WGS 84. To plot on topo map/Baja Almanac...
  • ...convert your GPS receiver to map datum NAD 27.

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