A Four Wheeling Day in Northern Baja, Hwy. 3 to Hwy. 1, on 4-10-2005

Use Baja Almanac Map 1

The point where we turned west, off Highway 3 was 15 miles south of Tecate at VALLE LAS PALMAS . 32°21.99', 116°36.87', elev. 944'
(GPS set to Map Datum NAD27 Mexico).

Down the wide graded road we go until a left turn is made at 32°24.85', 116°40.07', elev. 835'

We pass RANCHO SANTA MONICA, but the road through RANCHO SANTA ALICIA is locked, so we search for a way around and try crossing ARROYO LAS PALMAS river, but the road doesn't continue on the far side.

Roy 'The squarecircle' and Elizabeth 'Baja Angel' check out a rattlesnake in a gully across the road!

We find a way around by using a small canyon of CANADA EL CIPRES to the north and west of EL DORADO. A small rancho is passed at 32°21.85', 116°47.97', elev. 837', possibly SANTO DOMINGO on the map.

Lot's of signs it is Spring!

Lot's of green along the road as we continue west.

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