Feb., 2007 President's Day Weekend

We explored the top half of the La Turquesa Canyon grade,
stayed at Gonzaga Bay's Campo Beluga and then spend the last night on
Shell Island. We visited with friends Antonio Muñoz in El Rosario and Rob
& Connie at Bahia Santa Maria.

Hwy. 1 to La Turquesa Canyon View

Between Km. 213 and 214, south of the El Pedregoso boulder
hill, this rocky track heads east.
GPS: 29°31.143', 114°29.986' (NAD27).
This is 97 miles south of El Rosario and 12 1/2 miles north of Laguna Chapala.


The rocky track in the arroyo changes to a smoother road
after a half mile or so... It is 4.6 miles from Hwy. 1
to the viewpoint at the top of the grade... the peninsular divide.

La Turquesa Canyon View (29°32.53', 114°26.02')

The elevation here is 2,816' and you can see all the way
to the granite boulders where Hwy. 5 is located. The turquoise mine is on the center side of the canyon.

'Kacey's XR Ride'/ 'Coco's Short Cut' ...

Expecting to find just a trail down the mountain passable
only to motorcycles,
I was surprised to see this constructed grade heading down into the canyon!
Appears to be an old mine road?

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