La Bocana Beach

Just over 5 miles from Highway 1, in El Rosario, is this beautiful beach.

The north end of the beach is this little cove in the cliff.

The view west...


  • 0.0 mi. Turn Right off highway at the sharp bend in town.
  • Continue west passing by the road left to El Rosario de Abajo and Punta Baja.
  • 0.8 mi. Fork, go right.
  • 1.2 mi. Fork, go right... road heads uphill.
  • 1.5 mi. Pass palapas and banana trees, climb hill.
  • 2.2 mi. View point, see La Bocana beach.
  • 2.6 mi. Go straight, left is a poor road.
  • 2.9 mi. Fork, go left... Ahead is a locked gate.
  • 3.0 mi. Fork, go left... Right is the entrance gate to Diamante Del Mar.
  • 3.6 mi. Fork, go ahead/ left. Right is a poor road.
  • 3.9 mi. Fork, go right, to the beach.
  • 5.3 mi. La Bocana Beach

EL ROSARIO to LA BOCANA (Valley Road, 4WD)

  • 0.0 mi. Turn Right (west) off Highway 1 at the sharp curve in El Rosario.
  • In about 100 yards, turn left on road for El Rosario de Abajo and Punta Baja.
  • Cross over El Rosario river culvert pipe and soon turn right in the river valley, some water crossings before reaching the south bank of the river and entering the town of El Rosario de Abajo.
  • 1.6 mi. Rosario de Abajo mission ruins, on right.
  • 2.5 mi. Road left for Punta San Antonio and the coast south of Punta Baja.
  • 2.9 mi. Road left for Punta Baja, continue ahead (west).
  • 3.1 mi. Turn right for La Bocana, deep water crossing soon.
  • 4.2 mi. Come to a fence, turn left to opening then continue west, Deep sand ahead.
  • 5.1 mi. La Bocana Beach


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