2/06 El Rosario's Petrified Forest & La Bocana Beach

In February, 2006, Elizabeth and I returned to the petrified 'forest' canyon.
We first saw it the previous July (during the El Rosario Cultural Festival
http://vivabaja.com/705/page6.html ).
We also went to La Bocana beach, logging the milages on both roads from town (see last page).

Getting to the petrified wood canyon...

After receiving permission from the property managers of
Diamante Del Mar, we hiked up this road to the canyon trail.

View of La Bocana

We hiked up this ridge just east of the correct canyon when we realized we missed the trail.

The cross shaped cholla is a good marker on the trail to the petrified wood canyon.

Once in the dry wash, you begin to see the petrified wood samples as you hike up the narrow arroyo.

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