Punta Baja to near Punta San Carlos 12/05

On December 10, 2005 we drove the coast south from El Rosario. This made a very nice day trip out from El Rosario.

The road log for the trip is in three parts:
Log 1 is El Rosario to Punta Baja.
Log 2 is Punta Baja to the coastal road south.
Log 3 is the coastal road on south.

The first section we drove was the well traveled road from El Rosario to Punta Baja (10.5 miles). Here is a road log to Punta Baja:


0.0 Leave Hwy. 1 at the sharp 90° curve in El Rosario and head west for less than 500 feet to a left turn. Turn left and enter the river flood plain then take fork to the right following the river course with some (usually safe) water crossings.

1.0 (one mile) from Hwy. 1, you will reach the south bank of the river and enter the town of El Rosario de Abajo. Pass the school, museum, El Rosario's second mission site, some homes, etc.

2.5 (miles from Hwy. 1) a road turns left (south) and heads uphill. This is the route south for the coast beyond Punta Baja. It joins with the route we traveled via Punta Baja in 5.6 miles. We continued straight ahead (west)...

2.9 Turn left (south) for Punta Baja. Ahead is a 4WD road to La Bocana Beach (2.2 miles).
or road logs to La Bocana Beach see http://vivabaja.com/206/page4.html

8.7 Road right, to continue south along the coast: GPS is 29°58.39', 115°47.17' (NAD27).

9.9 Arrive at the fishing village of Punta Baja. A road once went south along the coast from here, but was washed out requiring the detour at Mile 8.7.

10.5 miles from Hwy. 1 the road ends at the lighthouse on Punta Baja.

Road log continues below...

Agave Flowers Harvested

Punta Baja

Elizabeth enjoys the view

Punta Baja lighthouse

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