2006 BAJA 1000 TRIP 11-06

In November, 2006 Elizabeth, her son Josh and I volunteered to help with race communications with Team Baja Pits at EL CRUCERO, over 300 race miles from the start.

We also took a few days to show Josh some of the sites in Baja we would be near. La Lobera, Cataviña painted cave, L.A. Bay, Montevideo, Coco's Corner, Gonzaga Bay and Shell Island.


Giant Baja Wal Mart shopping cart really drives the message home!

La Lobera

Six miles north of El Rosario (Km. 47 1/2) take the road along the power lines 3 miles to La Lobera, the sea lion crater.

Elizabeth and Josh, who recently graduated from WyoTech automotive university.

La Lobera's owner, Adrian Santana shows us how abalone is raised. All kinds of sea food is being produced in the tanks, for the (future) restaurant.

Dynamic coastline!

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