Off road into Baja high desert...

The 57 mile dirt road goes north from Km.103.5 (28.5 miles southbound from El Rosario's Pemex) to about 2,600 feet in 28 miles then drops toward the Pacific returning to Km.24.5 on Hwy. 1 at El Socorro, 20 miles north of El Rosario.

The first 25 miles are easy 2WD road and permits most vehicles to enter the cactus gardens.

The remaining 32 miles will require 4WD and ground clearance to negotiate bad erosion in a road that appears abandoned.

This road has been used for the Baja 2000 off road race (Nov. 2000) and a couple of earlier Baja races.

Desert River

Arroyo San Juan de Dios is crossed 4.9 miles north from Hwy. 1... This photo from a trip in July, 2000... Other times there has been less water here.

A baby boojum tree with adults in the distance!
We are traveling north of Rancho Los Martires and San Antonio. We left Hwy. 1 at Km. 103+ next to the roadside cafe 28.5 miles from El Rosario's Pemex station. The El Sauzalito copper mine ruins* are passed at mile 3.6, then the San Juan de Dios river is crossed 1.3 miles further. (*Photos at )

Boojum Trees (Cirios) as far as the eye can see!

This one has arms like an octopus!

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