The inter-mission 'King's Highway' is little more
than a cattle path in Northern Baja, where it can still be seen.

Because it was in the documented area, and it was very deeply worn,
I was confident this was the original Baja highway used by the Indians, padres and prospectors.

In this southeast facing photo, Mesa la Sepultura is seen.
The Camino passes to the north of the mesa going to San Fernando Velicata.

To find this piece of El Camino Real, take Mexico Highway 1 to Km. 80+ (almost K-81) about 14 miles from El Rosario.
There is a sharp curve to the left and here a wide dirt road turns off to the right (south). This is the road to Punta San Carlos (36 mi.).
Go just 0.5 mi. and turn right on the dirt road going west. Go 1.4 miles on this road and park. You are on top of the ECR route.
The Camino Real hike begins at 30°01.167', 115°33.260' (map datum NAD27 Mex.) elev. 973'. The old trail goes straight towards El Rosario (northwest).
I hiked about a mile of it in November, 2004. For more on El Camino Real and maps of it's route, see http://vivabaja.com/ECR

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