South from Bahia de los Angeles we go!

Armed with a satellite image provided by Corky 'Sharksbaja' Kuhlman, we were anxious! Corky saw a strange line in a satellite image and asked me if it could be the wall I was seeking.

Beautiful Scenes En route

The first opportunitey to go to Baja was New Year's weekend...
In Choral Pepper's magazine and book, the first unusual things reported, causing them to investigate, was a dam and a scraggly date palm.

1966: "The primitive dam among rocks and dead trees"

2009: We find a rock and earth dam which would create a reservoir at the base of the lava mesa. A large ditch along this side of the mesa acts as a canal to bring rain water to the reservoir.

Elizabeth inspects the dam

We were not certain of what the berm was as seen from the road. However, it was clear that this was a reservoir once we looked close.

I climbed up a bit of the mesa for a higher view of the dam and reservoir.

Just as Choral Pepper wrote in 1966:

"... a scraggly date palm standing alone. Usually they grow in groves..."

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