Sulfur Mine 'El Apache'

Located about 5 miles west of Bahia Santa Maria along the old road to Puertecitos.
Operations were abandoned over 50 years ago. The ore crusher was located here.

Lots of sulfur is still piled and laying through-out the two mile long valley.

Apache Tears

About two miles south of the sulfur mine and just west of the old Puertecitos road,
obsedian fragments called 'Apache Tears' can be found laying about. Obsedian is a volcanic 'glass' used by Indians to make arrow and spear heads.

Cañada el Parral (Azufre Wash)

Inside the little canyon of Parral are various cactus including the cardon.
SCORE has used this passage to race through and called it Azufre Wash.
It offers a nice short cut to Valle Chico and the bigger canyons of the Sierra San Pedro Martir.

Geologic pressures curve these layers of rock.


My friend Jim Todd at the same site when we first drove through Parral almost 30 years ago!

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