El Marmol & El Volcan

On January 21, 2006 Elizabeth and I took a day trip from El Rosario to the abandoned onyx mine of El Marmol and the active soda springs of El Volcan, 4 miles beyond. El Volcan is the site of a cold water geyser which erupts monthly.

Mexico Highway #1

South of San Quintin, Highway One gets very narrow... pass or be passed with caution!

The 9.3 mile road to El Marmol is an easy drive for nearly all vehicles.
This photo taken about a mile from El Marmol is next to the town's airport.

All remote runways in Baja have been ditched by the military to prevent their use by drug runners.


The remains of the world's only onyx schoolhouse is the main attraction here.

Elizabeth ('Baja Angel') at El Marmol's onyx schoolhouse.

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