Fence road across Valle Chico leads to the Parral pass and on to the sulfur mine near the gulf coast.

Looking east across the valley. To the north 9.1 miles is the Agua Caliente ejido, and to the south 8.5 miles is Matomi canyon.

LdB burns a rock!

At the El Apache Sulfur Mine, 23 miles south of San Felipe, Lorenzo proves yellow rocks can catch on fire! 12-31-00

My new truck and I on New Year's Day 2001

On my favorite Baja beach, 'Shell Island', about a mile south of Laguna Percebu.

Shell Island from the air, looking south.

BajaMur photo from Doug Bowles plane. Laguna Percebu is to the right of the photo. LdB and I camped a mile south of the tip.

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