9-08 Shell Island, Gonzaga Bay, El Rosario + !

Labor Day Weekend, 9-08

Saturday: To Shell Island via Mexicali and heavy rainfall north of San Felipe... Set up camp by noon. Enjoyed the beach.

Sunday: A beautiful day on the beach. Total relaxation! A great night campfire, too.

Monday: Had enough sun, so we pack up to head south. Off the island by 11 am, and arrive at Gonzaga Bay at 3 pm. After dinner at Alfonsina's, we continue on to have a nice stay at Baja Cactus Motel in El Rosario, arriving there at 9:20 pm.

Tuesday: Surprise birthday cake for Elizabeth is delivered to our room by Baja Cactus staff... Many thanks to Antonio! Breakfast at Tacos Mision while my truck is washed next door. Dinner at Puerto Nuevo and home before 9:30 pm.


New on my truck is a custom made light bar (thanks Josh & Kristi) and a pair of HID lights for the Baja night.

Pelicans cruise on by.

Big storm clouds to the west. We drove through heavy rain north of San Felipe earlier that morning.


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