The 2006 Baja 500 + Mision Santa Catalina

The weekend of June 2-4, 2006 was the running of the Baja 500 off road race out from Ensenada into the mountains and Pacific coastline of northern Baja.

Our friend Roy 'The Squarecircle' invited us to assist him at a radio relay near Valle de la Trinidad for Baja Pits Racing Team

On our way home from the race, we used some of the race course out from Trinidad and then visited the site of a Spanish mission and fort.

ENSENADA Friday, Race Registration

One of the most interesting entries was this motorcycle riding dog!

Like all racers, he had a helmet, goggles and a SCORE membership card!

Our camp, for the race...

We found a spot for both rigs at the top of a steep grade, south of the valley where we could make radio contact with other Baja Pit teams.

It was very hot.. easily over 100°.

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