We return to the junction (Mile 8.7) and turn right to continue south, along the coast.

Reset odometer to 0.0. (Point A on map)

0.6 Take center fork

0.9 Reach original coast road that came directly from Punta Baja, but was washed out. Turn left. GPS 29°57.69', 115°46.79' (Point B on map)

We try to use the road that stays as close to the coast as possible and we arrive at a little cabin where a German lady named Gloria lives with several dogs. The road drops steeply into the gorge by her cabin.

5.6 After passing a striped mountain (see photo, below), we reach the main coastal road south that branched at Mile 2.5 in Log 1.

GPS 29°57.88', 115°43.77' (Point C on map). Reset odometer to 0.0.

Road log continue below...

San Geronimo Island was almost always in view from Punta Baja to Punta San Antonio.

The Striped Mountain

The road here crosses Arroyo San Vicente (Mile 13.3)

Neat Sky!

Isla San Geronimo is seen again, here.

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